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electron-spellchecker is a library to help you implement spellchecking in your Electron applications, as well as handle default right-click Context Menus (since spell checking shows up in them). This library intends to solve the problem of spellchecking in a production-ready, international-friendly way.


Quick Start

import {SpellCheckHandler, ContextMenuListener, ContextMenuBuilder} from 'electron-spellchecker';

window.spellCheckHandler = new SpellCheckHandler();

// Start off as US English, America #1 (lol)

let contextMenuBuilder = new ContextMenuBuilder(window.spellCheckHandler);
let contextMenuListener = new ContextMenuListener((info) => {

Language Auto-Detection

The spell checker will attempt to automatically check the language that the user is typing in and switch on-the fly. However, giving it an explicit hint by calling switchLanguage, or providing it a block of sample text via provideHintText will result in much better results.

Sample text should be text that is reasonably likely to be in the same language as the user typing - for example, in an Email reply box, the original Email text would be a great sample, or in the case of Slack, the existing channel messages are used as the sample text.

Learning more